Crete Lease 20-VOC POLY Range

Name Code Chemical Type Base Type Release Type Size Type Desc  
Crete Lease 20-VOC 5L POLY 100020P-0005 Release Agent Water Chemical 5 Release Agent Order
Crete Lease 20-VOC 20L POLY 100020P-0020 Release Agent Water Chemical 20 Release Agent Order
Crete Lease 20-VOC 200L POLY 100020P-0200 Release Agent Water Chemical 200 Release Agent Order
Crete Lease 20-VOC 1000L POLY 100020P-1000 Release Agent Water Chemical 1000 Release Agent Order


Crete Lease 20-VOC Poly Release (PR) as all the properties of Crete Lease 20-VOC with an extra additive to help release better from concrete mixes that have:

  • Low real cement content
  • Low early strength

Product Description

  • Permits easy, stain-free removal of forms or formliners from hardened concrete.
  • Releases any kind of form or formliner (including expanded polystyrene) from hardened concrete.
  • Forms strip easily and cleanly ,also helps eliminate bugholes and stains.
  • It is easy to use and gives reliable results with no dust left on the mould.
  • Eliminates bugholes even when applied 5 times thicker than needed.
  • No staining.
  • Does not cause efflorescence /Does not wash off in moderate rain.
  • Doesn’t interfere with adhesion of caulk, architectural coatings, paint, sealers and curing compounds on cured concrete surfaces when properly applied.
    It is biodegradable, non poisonous and contains no carcinogens

What is Special About Poly Release?

Poly Release is an additive that affects the behavior of free water in a cement mix when it makes contact with the formwork surfaces to give an improved release. Even with our chemically reactive release agent like Crete Lease 880 and Crete Lease 20 VOC, it acts like a teflon coating on a frying pan, ensuring that sticky mixes like those have low early strength, low cement content or are in a cold environment, release off the formwork surface cleanly.

Get a fantastic release everytime
Fields of Application
Precast Panels with class 1 finish and /or fine detail requirements including rubber formliners.
Pavers and products made in steel or fibreglass moulds.

Application Instructions

Crete Lease 20-VOC Poly Releaserequires special tips and sprayers. It is best applied using a ACTECH “FATBOY” AIR POWERED Sprayer and 110 067.tip or by using a mop. It is recommended that a filter be used in the line. The less you use the better the finish.

Works in either 5 minutes or weeks after being put onto the mould.


SKU 100020P-0005
Shipping Weight 20 kg


sds-crete-lease-20-voc-pr-19.1 (MSDS)
Crete Lease 20 VOC Poly TDS (Technical Data)