Dy-Mark Line Marker Range

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Dy-Mark Line Marking 500g YELLOW - Box of 12 841205 Order
Dy-Mark Line Marking 500g WHITE - Box of 12 841211 Order
Dy-Mark Line Marking 500g RED - Box of 12 841202 Order
Dy-Mark Line Marking 500g ORANGE - Box of 12 841206 Order
Dy-Mark Line Marking 500g GREEN - Box of 12 841204 Order
Dy-Mark Line Marking 500g BLUE - Box of 12 841203 Order
Dy-Mark Line Marking 500g BLACK - Box of 12 841201 Order
Dy-Mark Ballmarker Bottle 841224 Order
Dy-Mark Ballmarker 6mm TIP 841221 Order
Dy-Mark Ballmarker 4mm TIP 841220 Order


Product Features

  • A fast-drying acrylic paint, designed for use with the Dy-Mark Line Master
  • Specially formulated to provide long lasting lines Ideal for marking out car parks, factories, warehouses, sporting fields, and courts
  • Toluene-free formula

Product Data

  • Size: 500g Aerosol
  • Finish: Matt
  • Consistency: Liquid
  • Propellant: Hydrocarbon/Dimethyl Ether

Suitable Surfaces: Concrete, bitumen, timber and grass.

Ideal Application Temperature: Between 5°C and 40°C. Avoid use in windy conditions.

Before Spraying: Shake the can for at least 45 seconds AFTER the mixing ball begins to rattle. Shake the can occasionally during use.

Application: For INVERTED use only. Ensure that the nozzle is correctly seated. T achieve the narrowest width, the spot marking handle must be inserted into the lowest position. Line width can be increased by raising the handle in the slot. 

Line width can be adjusted by approximately 60-100 mm. Test the line width on a cardboard sheet until the desired width is achieved. Masking wheels are designed to sharpen the lines by catching any overspray at the edges only.

Coverage: The can will produce 80-100 mm in a 50 m continuous line, or cover 4-6 m2 (depending on the surface and colour used).

Drying Time: Touch dry in 5 minutes at 25°C. Drying will be slower in cold and humid conditions, in the absence of ventilation, or where heavy film build is applied.

After Spraying: Prevent blocking by holding the can UPRIGHT and spraying until only clear gas escapes. Also, wipe the spray tip of the nozzle clean. Clean up wet paint with Dy-Mark Acetone or General Purpose Thinner.

Caution: Painted surfaces may become slippery when wet.


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Ballmarker refill Ink T400 SDS (MSDS)
Ballmarker refill Ink T400 TDS (Technical Data)