Ferrule Chair Range

Name Code  
Ferrule Chair 96/200 5FCM200 Order
Ferrule Chair 96/180 5FCM180 Order
Ferrule Chair 96/175 5FCM175 Order
Ferrule Chair 96/150 5FCM150 Order
Ferrule Chair 96/125 5FCM125 Order


Product Description

The Ferrule Chair is an easy-to-use and they are designed to locate ‘near-face’ ferrules in precast and tilt-up panels.

The uniquely designed Ferrule Chair accommodates all standard Altas Bigfoot and Round 96mm high ferrules.

The design has in-built cross support and an integral center spigot to accurately position the ferrule to shop drawing locations.

The Ferrule Chair is designed to locate a 96mm ferrule at 2mm below the panel surface. They are manufactured in light grey coloured plastic.

It provides strong and impact-resistant support. In addition, they are non-corrosive and have small dimpled feet to provide minimal exposure.



Shipping Weight 0 kg


Ferrule Chair 96/180 TDS (Technical Data)