Icaro Mechanical Cutter Range

Name Code  
ICARO C70 12.5Hp Mechanical Cutter 7ICC70 Order
ICARO C62 7.5Hp Mechanical Cutter 7ICC62 Order
ICARO C55 7.5Hp Mechanical Cutter 7ICC55 Order
ICARO C52 5.5Hp Mechanical Cutter 7ICC52 Order
ICARO C42 4Hp Mechanical Cutter 7ICC42 Order
ICARO C36 3Hp Mechanical Cutter 7ICC36 Order
ICARO C32 3Hp Mechanical Cutter 7ICC32 Order
ICARO C26 2.5Hp Mechanical Cutter 7ICC26 Order


Icaro Cutters are conceived to cut threaded bars of any size and diameter. The mechanical cutter machines are robust and efficient. These machines are capable of sustaining extended periods of work in any kind of environment and they always guarantee peak performance. Their top quality internal mechanical components, made from 39-Chrome-Nickel steel, ensures unprecedented durability and strength over time.

The central gear is made out of one single piece of raw material and processed without any welding. Each piece is assigned a serial number so as to guarantee traceability. The Icaro cutter is fitted with steel blades made especially for cold-working, and their special shape allows for reuse for four times.

Technical Features and Cutting Capacity Table

Grade 500
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (cm)
1 Bar Ø


2 Bars Ø (mm) 3 Bars Ø (mm)
C26 90 2.2/3 2.64/3.5 26 18 10 470 3 105x61x82
C32 90 2.2/3 2.64/3.5 34 20 12 470 3 105x61x82
C36 90 2.2/3 2.64/3.5 38 22 14 475 3 105x61x82
C42 90 3/4 3.6/5 42 22 14 600 4 120x80x96
C55 40 5.5/7.5 6.6/9 54 32 20 781 4 130x80x106
C62 40 7.5/10 CUSTOM 62 36 24 905 7 130x80x106
C70 40 9.2/12.5 CUSTOM 70 42 28 1100 17 145x85x110

Key Points

Icaro cutters are made abiding by European CE standard and worldwide regulations. All machines have passed very stringent quality checks that abide by ISO9001/2008 norms.

All Icaro tests were carried out using threaded bars coming from all over the world. The threaded bars we used all followed these standards: DIN 488, BS 4449/2005, BS4449/97, ASTM/A706/ A706M-00, ASTM/A615M-2000, UNE 36068, LNEC E450, NEN6008 (NL), NF A 35080-1, SD490 with different GRADE and toughness.


Shipping Weight 1100 kg