Magnetic Steel Chamfer 10x10mm – 3m Long

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Magnetic Steel Chamfer Range

Name Code  
Magnetic Steel Chamfer 20x20mm - 3m Long 46STM20-3 Order
Magnetic Steel Chamfer 15x15mm - 3m Long 46STM15-3 Order
Magnetic Steel Chamfer 12x12mm - 3m Long 46STM12-3 Order
Magnetic Steel Chamfer 10x10mm - 3m Long 46STM10-3 Order


Product Features
Magnetic Steel Chamfers are ideal for forming chamfered edges in precast concrete structures.

They are ideal when the chamfers are required to be in an exact position. The magnets are applied at the intersection of the vertical form wall and base of the form and create a chamfer at the corner of the concrete product. Thereby, we can eliminate the normal 90-degree sharp corner.

Available in 4 meters
Hot rolled steel chamfer, straightened and cut
Easily weldable
ES Style can be welded from behind
High quality steel for long service life and best end results
Best value for long term investment
Can be attached by welding or gluing


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