Crete Lease 880 POLY Range

Name Code Chemical Type Base Type Release Type Size Type Desc  
Crete Lease 880 POLY 5L 100880P-0005 Release Agent Oil/Solvent Chemical 5 Release Agent Order
Crete Lease 880 POLY 20L 100880P-0020 Release Agent Oil/Solvent Chemical 20 Release Agent Order
Crete Lease 880 POLY 200L 100880P-0200 Release Agent Oil/Solvent Chemical 200 Release Agent Order
Crete Lease 880 POLY 1000L 100880P-1000 Release Agent Oil/Solvent Chemical 1000 Release Agent Order


Product Description

Crete Lease 880 Poly Release (PR) as all the properties of Crete Lease 880 with an extra additive to help release better from concrete mixes that have:

  • Low real cement content
  • Low early strength
  • Cold temperature environment
  • Very economic up to 50 m²/l
  • What is Special About Poly Release?

Poly Release is an additive that affects the behavior of free water in a cement mix when it makes contact with the formwork surfaces to give an improved release. Even with our chemically reactive release agent like Crete Lease 880 and Crete Lease 20 VOC, it acts like a teflon coating on a frying pan, ensuring that sticky mixes like those have low early strength, low cement content or are in a cold environment, release off the formwork surface cleanly.

Get a fantastic release every time!


SKU 100880P-1000
Shipping Weight 950 kg
Chemical Type Release Agent
Base Type Oil/Solvent
Release Type Chemical
Size 1000
Type Desc Release Agent


sds-crete-lease-880-pr-19.1 (MSDS)
Crete Lease 880 Poly TDS (Technical Data)